Tuesday, November 16, 2004

White Noise

I know everyone has to deal with a certain amount of general office noise from coworkers, telephones, bathrooms, etc. When your (read: my) office is in a music building, you are constantly assaulted by whatever is happening in all the studios around you. This morning I'm getting lip exercises from the trombone player down the hall, and if the pianist next to me doesn't figure out the THREE FREAKING CHORDS it takes to play "Closer to Fine" I am going to bust down their door and break all their fingers.

Yes, a pianist practing next to me is better than a bagpiper.

But sometimes, not by much.

I may be forced to challenge them with my extra EXTRA loud version of CHOPPIN' BROCCOLI.

I'm channeling my inner Dana Carvey now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Choppin' broccoli.. hehehe

Even better? All four of your banner ads are for candy.