Monday, July 31, 2006

Honored Guests

Summertime at TunaU means several months of "non-traditional" students are on campus. They are usually here for a number of summer camps of the sports and academic flavor. This week we are overrun with hundreds of Boy Scouts and leaders in full uniform who are here for the National Order of the Arrow Conference. This, of course, will be a very good thing if I need help tying knots, starting a fire or crossing the street.

As I watched them walking all over campus this morning, it occurred to me that I was very grateful that I was never a 12-year old boy because wool knee-socks and neck kerchiefs in 100 degree weather? Tuna don't do that.

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MissMeliss said...

The thought of wool socks in ANY weather has my feet itching.

Sorry I haven't visited in a while. Work's been brutal.

Be well.