Sunday, July 02, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. That :: Girl

2. Fishbowl :: No privacy

3. Church :: I went today

4. All About :: Eve

5. Fist :: Shake

6. Tagline :: Ad

7. Agree :: Assent

8. Leak :: Tired Political Topic

9. Jessica :: Simpson

10. Superman :: Christopher Reeve

Well, that is a list and a half. First of all, I loved That Girl (#1) when I was little. That Anne-Marie was just about the coolest thing ever. All About Eve (#4) -- fab movie -- I saw a few years ago when I got in the mood to watch all the films that had won Best Picture Oscars (I didn't ever finish the list, but it was fun while it lasted). Shaking fists (#5) reminds me of the movie Black Robe where there was some little native guy shaking his fist and his rattling stick and yelling. I never made it all the way through that movie, but I always remember that guy. Leak (#8) is the new terrorist and I'm sick and tired of The Administration pointing its very dirty hands at everybody else. Pots and kettles, people. I apologize profusely for even thinking of Jessica Simpson (#9) and offer up rabbit as a substitution. Finally, Christopher Reeve will always and forever be Superman (#10). He didn't need to be faster than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He accomplished all that and more without the ability to move a muscle.

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Anonymous said...

1. That :: Thing You Do
2. Fishbowl :: Wanda
3. Church :: The Graduate
4. All About :: Eve
5. Fist :: Rocky
6. Tagline :: From the Makers Of...
7. Agree :: Twelve Angry Men
8. Leak :: Titanic!
9. Jessica :: Lange
10. Superman :: Returns!

Read your explanation, and got cinema in the head - so after weeks of themelessness, - voila!