Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just Another Day

There are days when there isn't much to say. Where you go to work and you just work. And after work you go home. Nothing exciting or tragic or earth shattering. No funny jokes to share. No great stories to tell. It's a night of making dinner, doing dishes and cleaning up the bedroom. There is the customary head-butting over homework and practicing, but even that isn't out of the ordinary. And at the end of the day, it's nothing more than days end. Crawling into bed you amass your army of blankets in the hopes of fending off the cold and the darkness while you wait for sleep to take you from one day to the next. There's no promise what tomorrow will bring. It might be exciting. Or tragic. Or earth shattering. Or just another day.

In this season where every day is supposed to be full of fa-la-la-ing, twinkling lights and non-stop holiday cheer, some people might find the absence of celebration a disappointment. Others might feel the monotony is refreshing when faced with a calendar stuffed full of obligations. I manage to fall squarely in both camps at once, which, truth be told, is nothing about which to brag. There are some people -- a lot of people -- that would give anything in the world for just one more day. They know that even the most boring, non-eventful day is cause for great celebration, because the gift of just another day is nothing short of miraculous.

The miraculous in the ordinary is what the season is all about. The trick is to be able to recognize its presence and appreciate the gift. And then it's not just another day anymore.

Fa la la la la
La la la la.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Wise Lady!

Peace Tuna