Sunday, December 17, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. Hardball :: Chris Matthews

2. Sleepless :: In Seattle

3. Graduation :: Cap and Gown

4. Presents :: Under the tree

5. Toe :: I've got 5 of them

6. Lotion :: Hands

7. Snicker :: Doodle. Or Snee. Or a yummy candy bar

8. Eve :: Adam. (Don't get me started)

9. Investment :: Banker

10. Pain :: Chronic

#2 -- This answer is given in honor of Mensch and her undying love and devotion for all things Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Despite her protestations to the contrary, I'm POSITIVE she has a huge stash of all the Hanks/Ryan romantic comedies ever made.
#3 -- TunaU just had graduation a week ago. Lots of cap-and-gowned grads were seen all over town. The best sighting was Saturday Morning at the Grill Dogs where an obviously enthusiastic grad brought his extremely dressed up mother to show her his favorite place to have a big old greasy breakfast. Good thing the monkey slingshot was out of sight.
#5 -- The only other thing I could think of was "ring" and that is bizarre, because I don't wear toe rings. I don't begrudge those who do, but honestly, a toe ring seems to be a huge "what's the point?" kind of deal.
#7 -- And I drew my snicker snee. Nothing like unleashing your inner Gilbert and Sullivan for all the Internets to see.
#8 -- So here's the deal. I get tired -- really tired -- of Eve getting all the blame while Adam gets gives the mealy-mouthed excuse IT'S NOT MY FAULT ... SHE MADE ME and comes across as victim. I have to sing a choir anthem tomorrow that talks about God coming and being created anew blah blah AND THEN GET THIS: "The gates of Eden open...Adam dances in exsultation." Ahem. Aren't we FORGETTING SOMEONE? Where was Eve? Getting a pizza?

Maybe if Eve were smart, she'd hit Adam over the head with his cello.
Not a bad idea, that one.

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Mensch71 said...

Thought about rearranging the words to the anthem this morning... but then, I realized that there was one small victory. "Adam" has no hard consonants and thus... no excessive consonanting.

And I do not like Tom Hanks with or without Meg Ryan. So there!

Anonymous said...

I say ... And You Think:
1. Hardball :: Ouch!
2. Sleepless :: Tossing & Turning
3. Graduation :: ceremony
4. Presents :: Gifts
5. Toe :: Head
6. Lotion :: Goo
7. Snicker :: Doodle
8. Eve :: Christmas (It's not called Christmas Adam, now is it?)
9. Investment :: Money
10. Pain :: in the arse

hmm, not a terribly creative list.
I agree with you about someone's Sleepless in Seattle fixation.
the boy