Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about GREENTUNA
Thirteen Things I Must Admit I Simply Do Not Understand

1. 2001 : A Space Odyssey
It could be because I've never managed to remain conscious throughout the entire film. But if I combined the several attempted viewings, it would probably make one complete movie. Still in all, I don't get it. Monoliths, monkeys, Blue Danube Waltz and A Bicycle Built for Two? Color me confused.

2. "The Little Prince"
I first saw the not-so-great movie version of this famous children's story starring, among other people, that slightly bizarre combination of Gene Wilder and Bob Fossee. Then I saw the contemporary opera version starring nobody I ever heard of but with a very nice score. I still didn't get it, so I bought the book. And I read it. And I still don't get it. Maybe it needed a monolith.

3. Raising Speed Limits Because Everybody Is Already Speeding
This has happened twice in the last few months, and I just don't understand this philosophy. It speed limits were always raised to match the speeding speeds the speeders speed, then the speed limit in Detroit would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 125 mph.

4. Holidays for Days and Weeks or Not At All
In the olden days, Spring Break was five days off. Monday through Friday. Throw in a weekend on either side, and it was fine. TeenTuna just finished her spring break last week. It was five days, plus a weekend on either side, plus two more days just because. This follows her President's Day which was really President's five days (Friday - Tuesday), which of course had followed three more days off for 7th grade camp. Meanwhile, poor GreenTuna is in the midst of the five month holiday drought. Once we're back from New Years, it's NOTHING until Memorial Day. President's Day? HA! Martin Luther King Day? Well, there are no classes, so students and professors get it off. But staff? Back to work.

5. Why iTunes Files Things Under "The"
Consider this the library nerd in me, but the minute you start filing things under "The" nobody is going to be able to find anything, and the world as we know it will come to an end. Nevermind "save the cheerleader, save the world" -- world peace depends on following the basic rules of filing.

6. That Guy Trifecta of NASCAR, Wrestling and "Gladiator"
This is a Scout-inspired entry as I love to tease him about the awfulness of Gladiator and watch him get seriously mad. I mean really. It's Batman in a toga. As for NASCAR and Wrestling, well I figure they are about in the same league. It's a very scratch, sniff, chew and spit kind of world. I think maybe I wasn't meant to understand.

7. Green Christmas, White Easter
Considering where I live it is a little silly to be complaining about the weather. We get lots of weather, sometimes all at the same time. In the last week we've had very warm, cold, snow, rain, sleet, slush and thunderstorms. I had to dig through my car yesterday to find my scraper, and the poor daffodils and tulips have assumed the duck and cover position until further notice.

8. People Who Don't Understand the Concept of a Four-Way Stop
It really isn't that difficult, but my word, people just don't get it. In fact, I have such little faith in humanity that when I approach a 4-way stop, I being to explain to all the drivers who is supposed to go and when it is their turn, as if a. they can hear me, and b. they would follow directions.

9. Websites Without An RSS Feed

Why oh why would anybody ever do that? These days I would be lost without my feed reader, and sad to say, if your site doeesn't contain the magic code, I'll forget to read it again until months and months later, when I try to add it to Bloglines and it tells me (again) that there is no feed. Please people. Feed the Tuna.

10. Concert Attendees Who Must They are Invisible
Last Friday evening (Good Friday, to be exact) I was the Soprano soloist for Bach's St. John Passion. My solos were the very definition of "spread out". I sang the first one and then sat for the next hour and twenty minutes until the last two showed up at the end. During my non-singing time (when I am sitting in the front of everybody) I must be quiet, look interested and wait (and wait and wait and wait) for my turn. It's not that difficult to do. However, during my first solo, three people walked in late (bad) and sat in the front row (bad) right in front of me (bad) and proceeded to spend the next hour SENDING TEXT MESSAGES ON THEIR CELL PHONE (BAD). Seriously. I don't understand. Do they think nobody else can see them? Do they think nobody can see their open cell phone that is all lit up in a dark concert hall? It's not the movies. I can see you. I can hear you. I can stare at you, but sadly I cannot give you the Motherly Look of Death because I'm being paid to look and sound professional. But I can think hateful, hateful thoughts. And I did.

11. Why I Can't Seem To Remember How to Use a Mac

I am very grateful for a computer in my studio. I am very grateful for breaks in my schedule so I can use the computer in my studio. Why can't ever seem to remember how to cut and paste on a Mac? Because Macs don't believe in the CTRL key. It's the Apple key. So, when you go on automatic pilot, and don't even look at the keys because sheesh, I KNOW where CTRL is, but then nothing happens, it's because DUH, it's APPLETHINGY+C to copy and APPLETHINGY+V to paste. Doh. Curse you, Applethingys.

12. Why I Cannot Escape AT&T No Matter How Hard I Try
Once upon a time I left AT&T and went to Cingular because I was sick of AT&T. Granted, Cingular was a giant corprate headache too, but they seemed to be marginally better. And now, look what has happened. AT&T took over Cingular, right after I got a new phone which came with the mandatory two year contract and I'm back to being an indentured servant to AT&T. Rats.

13. Why With a Thursday 13 I Can Always Come Up With 12 Really Fast and Then

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TopChamp said...

ooh I can sympathise with the sitting for ages between movements. As a trumpet player we experience it a lot. I don't mind people playing with mobile phones though... I do it when I'm bored too.

happy tt

Marie said...

i maybe guilty of #9 coz i don't really know how to do that. if you can teach me, maybe i'd do something about it. but the rest of your list, i so get them!!! it baffles me, as well!!! great idea for this week's list!

Qtpies7 said...

I'm not sure what an rss feed is, or how to have one or not, but I guess I'm gonna stay ignorant about it for awhile longer, lol.

Anonymous said...

That thirteenth thirteen... tell me about it! lol

Di said...

I think you may be my new favorite blogger/blog soulmate:
1. 2001 : A Space Odyssey - I just noticed the never opened DVD and thought maybe we should watch it. You've saved me the time!

2. "The Little Prince"

I had to read it in French!!! You think it's inscrutable...try it in a foreign language. I do love the fact that I can say "le petit prince" in a perfect French accent. I also can order a chocolate's true language is learned by necessity!

4. Holidays for Days and Weeks or Not At All

Yeah! It seems like my kids don't go back to school after New Year's until the month is half over and then you sneeze and it's MLK day and usually, just for kicks, the school system throws in an early release day....because heaven forbid we should actually be rid of them...I mean getting them a good education...for five straight days in a month.

5. Why iTunes Files Things Under "The"

My DVR does the same thing...thus the NEW Adventures of Old Christine somehow comes after scrubs.

6. That Guy Trifecta of NASCAR, Wrestling and "Gladiator"

What is REALLY unbelievable is that in the South, they listen to NASCAR on the radio!!!!!

9. Websites Without An RSS Feed
Why oh why would anybody ever do that?

Oh new blog soulmate is already disappointed in me! I don't know what RSS is!!!

11. Why I Can't Seem To Remember How to Use a Mac

After having my MacBook since October I now feel the same way when I use someone's PC.

12. Why I Cannot Escape AT&T No Matter How Hard I Try

Well, now Cingular is going to be offering the iPhone, so it looks like maybe AT&T and Apple are BOTH after you!

Lexa Roséan said...

totally with you on the 2001 space odyssey. don't get it either but I love my Mac couldn't live without it. PC like an alien entity to me. and I loved the Little Prince. I read the book a million times as a tween. As for iTunes listing under The. that's just totally ridiculous! Explains why I can't find stuff tho! thanks:)

Jennfactor 10 said...

I admit I am in complete ignorance about the mysteries of RSS...But the "The" thing? ARGH!
Happy TT!

The Rock Chick said...

LOL...For some reason coming up with that #13 is always hard for me, too. The big finale. Lots of pressure!!!

Kudos for speaking up about bad audience manners, too! That kind of stuff just drives me nuts!!!

Happy TT_ Jessica The Rock Chick