Sunday, February 24, 2008

80th Annual Oscar Awards

And With a Final Score of 14, The Oscar Goes To.....GramTuna

12 correct -- AnnieClaus
11 correct -- TeenTuna, GeenTuna
10 correct -- RobDGreat, Sherry, NancyK, Cops
9 correct -- Kool Moe Joel, Leeann Woo, Melanie, Brad, Dodgergirl, Doug, Gary
8 correct -- Odie, Mensch
7 correct -- Moe
6 correct -- RichHell
5 correct -- Mickey

Congrats to all who played. And remember, it doesn't matter if you've seen the movies or not. As a certain winner can attest, you too can win the Oscar pool by only seeing Ratatouille, Sicko and La Vie en Rose.

See you at the movies!


Julie said...

Yep. The score of suck-i-tude. But at least I beat RichHell. Hahahahaha!

Unknown said...

Only one thought, here: GramTuna is an Outlier. I'm perfectly happy at the tippy top of the bell curve, safe and comforted by my mediocrity.

nlk said...

yay, gramtuna!

will have to put my psychic self to work next year in hopes of regaining my title.

but at least i beat mensch. wink wink giggle giggle