Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cleaning out the Files

Living the Internet is a good-news / bad-news kind of life. The good news is that everything is at your fingertips. For those of us inflicted with lookitupitus (if I don't know, then I should know and I better find out NOW) the Internet is nothing less than holy manna dropped from an Ethernet cord or Cable Modem whenever I want it. Do you know just how FABULOUS that is?

The bad news, of course, is that everything is at your fingertips, and those of us inflicted with lookitupitus tend to gorge on holy manna. Add to that the blessing/curse of Bloglines where it will not only collect unread blog posts of interest, but allow you to SAVE the ones you like, and the result is 525 feeds, over 20,000 unread items, and one Tuna who is OBVIOUSLY OUT OF CONTROL.

Like everything else in my over-active, over-cluttered, over-procrastinated, over-booked life, when I get overwhelmed, I don't work harder to catch up. I sit around like there is nothing to do while things pile up and get worse. Time to stop that nonsense. Time to clean house (electronically speaking).

So, I'm waving farewell to a few RSS feeds. Never fear, it won't be YOURS, because I could never do that to you. But as I hit delete, let me pay homage to a few sites I thought I would read faithfully but just never did. It's not you -- it's me. I'm just not that into you.

Hiro's Blog
From NBC's Heroes, which not only has fallen victim to the writer's strike, but after an utterly amazing first season, really dropped the ball in season two. I still like the show, but nothing is happening on the blog, so, Sayonara.

By the Way
John Scalzi's blog ceased at the end of 2007. I've kept it in my Bloglines because I've saved over 100 posts for one reason or another. You know what? If I delete them quickly, I'll never remember what they were or why I saved them. BYE!

Eunny Knits
Good blog. Excellent knitter. Inspirational. But face it, I have a few other things going on at the moment. Once I can knit AND purl without having to be retaught by my mother or my sister, then I'll think about fisherman cable knit sweaters. Really, it's not you, it's me.

Interviewing God
This was a rather quirky, hysterical blog I discovered during the 2006 edition of Holidailies. Sadly, I don't think it's updated since, and I just don't have the space. Loved ya, but it's a post or perish kind of world.

The Last Angry Young Man
The blog of the guy who decided to eat monkey chow for a week. Yes you heard me. Monkey chow. Seems post-chow he's either less angry or just doesn't have anything to say. Bummer. Bye.

Hulk's Diary That is On The Internet
I'm extremely bummed that even the Hulk has fallen prey to his busy schedule and can't find the time to blog anymore. He writes better than a lot of non-green, non-cartoon writers out there. Well, I suppose it's more important to ... uh... do whatever it is that The Hulk does. Like pet kitties and solve word-searches. We'll miss you.

Yeah, I kind of enjoy reading about foodborne illnesses and idiots who throw raw chicken's feet off of Mardi Gras floats and germs that can live on paper money for 17 DAYS, etc. etc. etc. But since I haven't looked at a post since January 21, something tells me I can live without it. Still in all, I'll never forget this little gem (pdf file).

My Entire "It's Educational" Folder
So long to several word of the day and phrase of the day sites. If I don't know you by now, most likely I won't be using you tomorrow.
Wow. 90 minutes later, I've deleted a whopping 52 blogs (NOT YOURS). This is not the kind of progress I would have hoped for, but it's a start, right? A start? A good start? A pathetically tiny but hey, let's think optimistically and be encouraging, dammit kind of start?


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