Sunday, February 10, 2008

This is the Way it Goes

Because my cats were playing "KILL" they jumped onto the tall table at warp 12, injuring a table lamp in the process.

Because I decided that maybe a table lamp on the "KILL" path of destruction was not a good idea, I should get a floor lamp to put next to the table instead.

Because I went to Linens and Beyond and Bath and Things and More and found nothing I liked, I came home and decided I'd find something later.

Because I looked in my living room and saw a floor lamp already IN my living room that might work, I moved it.

Because I moved the floor lamp (and it worked), I started looking twice at the tall table.

Because I started looking twice at the tall table, I started looking in my bedroom.

Because the tall table appeared to be the correct height, width and depth I had a brilliant idea.

Because I had a brilliant idea I had to move the bed
so I could move two chests of drawers
so I could move a smaller dresser
so I could move in a cedar chest
so I could move out a shelving unit
so I could move out two CD cabinets
so I could move out a corner desk
(after disassembling it)
(after finding the one random hex key that fit)
so I could move in the tall table
so I could move my entire computer operation to the tall table
so I could fiddle with cords for the next hour
so I could do a dance of joy when the modem and router lit up and connected
so I could fiddle awhile more with the sub woofer and speakers
so I could bag and box up all the extra crap beloved belongings in my bedroom

Because all these things were moved out my bedroom now is scarily pretty
and neat and tidy and uncluttered
assuring me I will have no dates for the foreseeable future
because a tidy room is like Martha Stewart birth control
which seems somehow redundant, but I digress.

Because all these things were moved out of my bedroom,
my living room is in shambles
my garage is has been filled with more unused furniture
my basement is even more cluttered than before.

Because my cats were careless when they were playing KILL

Because I thought I should move the lamp

Because of all this, I spent my Saturday night and Sunday afternoon
and hurting

As for the cats?
They slept.

That will teach me.

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