Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oscar, Oscar!

Evidently I'm an entire week off (no jokes about being always off -- I know, I know) and the Oscars are THIS SUNDAY (not next).

So -- time to make your picks and send them through. Which categories are we picking? ALL OF THEM, BABY! Well, all of them except those technical things they award the night before where whomever drew the short straw has to talk about the history of the Xenon bulb. We won't do those. You're welcome.

And seriously, if you haven't seen the movies you're not at any disadvantage whatsoever. In fact, your picks will be less emotional and more "the pretty blue one!"

So, make your picks. Do it more than once under different names if you like. I'll compile the results and live-blog on Oscar Night, 2008.

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nlk said...

*runs off to hopefully defend her title*