Sunday, December 13, 2009

Aurora Vocalis

Tonight after nearly ten hours of nearly straight singing, I'm done for the day. I'm afraid any offerings on this page will amount to little more than literary drooling. So today I leave you with one of the many pieces I sang today. It reminds me of a vocal depiction of the Northern Lights -- one part traditional four-part chorale with ancient texts, one part sonorous and shimmery with shifting tonalities that occasionally meet with the first part to form a perfectly traditional chord, only to shift and shimmer away once more.


sherry said...

I read this and then tried to figure out where exactly I would have to go to see Northern Lights. Having grown up and lived in the Deep South, I have never gotten to see this phenomenon. Will my daughter get to see them if she goes to school in Minnesota or Wisconsin?

GreenTuna said...

Most definitely, if the weather conditions are right. I have seen them on occasion in Michigan and they really are kind of other-worldly and beautiful.