Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Holiday Thank You

Dear Pennsylvania,

You and I have had a rocky relationship in the past. Every time I think things are going smoothly, I arrive at your doorstep only to find otherwise. You used to be the cranky state, full of pointing fingers and dire warnings about driving ONE MILE over the speed limit. It was a little over the top, Pennsylvania, for you to be shaking your finger at me not 30 seconds after I knocked on your front door.

Your terrain has always been a bit challenging. It's not horrible, but after driving Ohio (Whose state mottos include: "We invented the COMA" and, "Flat enough for you?"), your state seems downright dangerous. You have mountains and tunnels and lots of twisty turny roads. Personally, I love them, As LONG AS.......

......the weather. OH THE WEATHER. Pennsylvania, can I just tell you openly and honestly, like a friend, that your weather absolutely BLOWS. I've endured fog, blinding snowstorms, driving rain, black ice, trucks trucks TRUCKS, and violent thunderstorms, to name a few. Add that to the twisty, turny, mountainous roads (see above) and you have the recipe for disaster. All that you need to make your toxic cocktail complete is a little....

....CONSTRUCTION. Holy cats, Pennsylvania. I get it that your roads are old. REALLY old. And I get it that construction in twisty turny mountain land is a challenge at best. But today your shoulders were so narrow they were non-existant. Heck, I think you may have lopped off an arm or two for good measure.

But today, Pennsylvania, it was as if you had had a personality transplant. You were supposed to be a rainy mess, and you were sunny blue skies. It was the end of December, and the roads were clear and dry. And tonight, as the sun was setting, you were just spectacular. You were blue and pink and orange with little whispy clouds settling into the valleys between the mountain ranges. It was downright beautiful and made for an absolutely lovely day of driving. You've managed to make up for a lot of your previous highway and byway sins. Please don't be a fickle friend. Show me that you can have two good dates back-to back. I'll swing by your house again in a few days.

Until then, fondly yours,

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