Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Party Like It's 1999 + 10

Tonight was THE BIG NIGHT.

Tonight was the teenager movie marathon at Casa de Tuna. It might not sound like a big deal to you, but then again you're probably 1) not 15 years old 2) not 15 years old with friends who have already had movie marathons at their houses 3) not 15 years old with friends who have already had movie marathons at their houses and have presents for you because it's two days before Christmas.

Oh, and we've never had a gathering over here. Ever.

The house just wasn't particularly conducive for gatherings. But with the "redo" we endured last summer, the colors on the wall and ceiling are now fresh and crisp and not hideous. The nasty carpet? Gone. And in a tie for "best of all" category, there is a new sectional couch (perfect for several lounging teenagers) and a plasma television. We are now equipped and ready to go.

And I'm here to report that these were some extremely well-behaved teenagers.  I had plenty of other things to do, so I wasn't sitting in the room with them like some sort of detention room monitor.  But every now and again, I'd mosey by, just so they would know there was a grownup somewhere in the vicinity.  I appeared to have fulfilled my duties well:  I ordered pizza and paid for it.  That was it.

The PARTAYers seemed to have a very good time, TeenTuna is now breathing again (actually she has already crawled into bed and has crashed), and after her guests left (PROMPTLY!) she very wisely helped me clean up and thanked me several times.  I guess it was OK.  I guess it was even a hit.  The Christmas present exchange went very well and the kids left here tired, happy and full of pizza, cookies, chips and salsa, and giggles.  I was pleased that the living room wasn't a total disaster area, and I told her that her friends were welcome anytime.

And maybe a little bit surprising to me...I meant it.

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