Saturday, December 19, 2009

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It was well after 10:00pm when we got home from the Saturday Monster Marathon of the usual and slightly unusual holiday stuff to do. I finally sat down and GramTuna wondered if I was done and heading for bed. I told her that I was, eventually. "Ahh," she said, remembering. "What are you writing about tonight?" "No clue," I answered. "I haven't sat down yet to consider..."

And it's true. I'm sitting here again, and it's late at night. I don't particularly have a topic at hand, and I'm really too tired to develop any sort of in-depth analysis of the holiday traffic or what I ate for lunch. AKA Grade-A 100% Blogging Material.

Running through my day as if they were miniature flash cards, my choices would be:

Breakfast of Champions
Why I love bacon, and TeenTuna will order ANYTHING breakfasty ... as long as she can include the words "no egg" in the order. Today she had the Mexican Breakfast Burrito. Minus the breakfast. Making it ... a burrito. She was thrilled.

Messy Weather
An inch inch there. Nothing terribly exciting, and thankfully people were driving carefully.

Irony Popsicle. 
Speaking of the weather and diabolical activities... HOW FUNNY IS IT that Maryland and Virginia have well over 12 inches of snow, and here in the much MUCH farther north and frozen arctic tundra according to certain relatives, today we might have had maybe 2 inches at best.

Grocery Shopping.
Why the grocery store is the closest thing you'll find to Satan's playground, and HooBOY did that guy in front of me just buy EIGHT prepackaged gift boxes filled with AXE products.

Yes, TeenTuna's hair is cute.  Really cute.  Really really cute.   Really unbelievably cute.  Yes it's cute. Cute.  Oh so cute.  Head light as a feather.  SO CUTE.  It's cute.  Maybe if she asks me a 49th time if it's cute, I'll have a different response. 

The Other, Much Less Important Haircut
Seriously.  It's hair.  Who needs hair drama.  Mine is the same but shorter.  *Yawn*  The best thing I can give you is my pronouncement that "I shall keep the swoop of side-bangs" in my heart, because it sure isn't working any other way.

Comcast, Digital Cable and HD-TV
Otherwise known as three words that will strike fear and trembling into your heart.  No, I wasn't able to get it connected.  There WILL be phone calls tomorrow, and I'm thinking that Jesus might be coming along for the conversation. Grrrrrrr....

Christmas Shopping
Subtitled:  Thank Goodness for Bookstores.  What did the Wisemen do without them?

The Saga of the Digital Camera
Behold!  See the beautiful cameras on display.  Behold!   See the beautiful cameras on display that the store actually DOESN'T SELL IN THE STORE.  Behold!  See me take my money and leave.

The Answer my Friend, Is Horking in the Wind
Sadly, the question is, how many (more) hairballs is my cat going to have tonight?  I think she is eating the tree while we're gone during the day.  And there isn't even any tinsel on there yet.  Heck, there isn't even any anything on there yet, which leads me to my final offering:

Baby Jesus was Naked and So is my Tree
What more can I say?  Tomorrow is another day.

And, it's now it's  11:46 pm.  I've made it under the wire, yet again.


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