Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Hefty Hope

There is something comforting about getting things in order. Now, I know for some, this is not news and is, in fact a daily occurrence. A routine, a habit, and dare I say, a necessity of daily living. I am nowhere near that level, although when life really starts to pile up, I wish I were. The best I can do I keep my head above water, and then (when time allows) I do my best to lower the flood waters to something less than disaster levels.

Every time I make progress, I feel so much better. I have more room, I can see surfaces instead of mountains of clutter, and I feel just a little bit more in control of life. The question is, if the results are always so self-satisfying, why does it take me so darn long to get to that point?

I don't have answers, really, and I try not to spend a lot of time beating myself up for things done and things left undone. But once again, I am focused and rededicated to purge, eliminate, donate, straighten and sit down and make some decisions once and for all on what is important to me in my life, and what simply is not.

I'm also aware that in seven more days, when I return to a two job, sixty-plus hour workweek, all bets may be drastically reduced. Regardless, I am truly hoping to not give in entirely during in the busy months. Everything I can manage to do -- no matter how slight -- will be one more thing done. I just want to remember that my goal isn't a clean my house (although that will certainly be a huge plus). My goal is to find what is truly important in all this STUFF, and hopefully at the end of the day I'll have given myself the gift of time and space and freedom to live and be.

Tonight I did a bit of both.  I took some time for myself and went out in the freezing cold, then grabbed some dinner and ran to the store.  But when I came home, I sat down and gave my shredder a workout and filled the trash can twice.  I have a small list of things I really need to get done this week.  It's not a 5-mile list, which depresses me, and it isn't a list filled with tasks I've put down just for the sake of having something to cross off:  #1:  Make a list.  CHECK! #2: Check completed items off the list.  CHECK!

Not mine, but obviously I am not alone
in failing to create a meaningful to-do list

I know this isn't my strong point, but I'm trying to go at this from a positive "one step at a time" outlook, and make progress because it's a good thing to do for myself and not a frantic thing I am doing out of desperation. 
Keep your fingers crossed for me and maybe say a prayer.

Oh, and word to the wise:  buy stock in garbage bags.

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Unknown said...

I am still working on basement and garage...all day yesterday in basement doing exactly what you describe here! Why do I have a box of files from the 70s???? why why why?!