Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And YOU THINK:

1.  Food :: Delicious
2.  Death :: End
3.  Cafeteria :: School lunch
4.  Need :: Want
5.  Born :: Free
6.  Stitch :: In time
7.  Badly :: Poorly
8.  Blocks :: Wood
9.  Chuck :: Throw
10. Spiral :: Staircase

WHAT A WEEK.  Which has nothing to do with this list, but I thought I'd say it anyway.  This is a very interesting list of mutterings, because as I look over it, many of my answers don't necessarily reflect my own beliefs, yet they really were my answers in this free association exercise.  Do I think all food is delicious?  No, but there aren't many I don't like, so maybe?  At the same time, I've had plenty of dishes of lousy food, yet I always associate it with something yummy.  I certainly don't think death is the end, although I don't know what happens next.  It's the end of the current, though, as it moves to something different and unknown.  I have eaten in plenty of cafeterias, and not all of them located inside a school.  Yet, "cafeteria" always makes me think of schools and school lunches and, french fries and rolls (see above:  Food.  Not so delicious)  I think needs are often confused with wants, at least that's the gospel I preach around here.  It's difficult but so important to separate the two.  "Born Free" is a song I learned to play on the piano when I was young.  Of course, that means I played it for hours on end, torturing everybody.  I remember the movie too, with Elsa the lion.  "Stitch" I could have easily answered "that which I used to do a lot but have no time at the present which sometimes makes me bummed."  However, in the interest of space, I went with "in time." One should never chuck blocks when feeling badly, and finally, spiral staircases are great in theory and look extra snazzy, but honestly, unless you live in a lighthouse or other tall cylindrical space, are dizzying, difficult to maneuver, and wholly impractical.

Happy Sunday.  Mutter along HERE.

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