Saturday, December 03, 2011

Let Us Review Lesson Eleven

Long day, long weekend.  Some observations and lessons learned:

1.  If you are shopping in a mall on a Saturday afternoon in December, you'll get exactly what you deserve.
2.  Even bookstores are not immune.  If the entire world is going to be out en masse, the bookstore is no longer safe and sacred territory.
3.  People asking if they can help you and/or if you are satisfied will never be content with your first affirmative answer.  Or your second.  Or third or fourth.
4.  It might, on first thought, be difficult to be annoyed with overly cheerful people.  But with the right attitude and a will to succeed, anything is possible.
5.  Loud is not always better.  Never quiet is never better.
6.  Practice makes prepared, and for that, there is no substitute.
7.  Sometimes even when you carefully read the instructions, you're still confused.
8.  There's always tomorrow.  For everything.
9.  It's possible to be proud of an accomplishment and gracious towards others at the same time.  They are not mutually exclusive.
10.  Going to bed before midnight is not a crime.  Neither is declining to watch the big game on TV.
11.  The best of all possible worlds is whatever you make it to be.  Never apologize.

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