Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Something Funny About Goats Here

I spent a lot of time tonight talking about goats.  It was that sort of day.  There were a large number of them and to say that they were unruly would have been an understatement of ginormous proportion.  But as it is with goats, it's best to learn their ways -- no, not become one -- but seemingly integrate into their society on an as-needs basis.  It's simply easier to go with the flow that way.  The goat flow. 

Word to the wise -- Do NOT Google flowing goats

I told you NOT TO.

In an effort to be thankful, I will admit that I am very thankful these goats don't appear to know or at least aren't sharing any traditional songs of December.  That isn't a case of thank goodness for small favors.  I think it was Elton John who sang Someone saved your life tonight....Toes Magotes!

As you can tell.  I'm delirious.  Let's pretend it's deliriously happy,or deliriously in love, or deliriously delirious.  Getting Tuesday out of the way was struggle enough.  Wednesday is looking like a formidable opponent.

Totes Magotes.

Toats Magoats



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