Thursday, December 01, 2011

Twelve Haikus of Christmas

Comedy Central
Home of Stewart and Colbert
Best dozing TV.

Sometimes I wonder
is the head-snap damaging?
Qwerty improvement.

December is here.
I don't have words to express
except standby, "Brrrrr!"

Made it to Friday
Sometimes it seems forever
Monday is long gone.

Collge aps bring some
heart-felt nostalgia for the
mundane things:  Homework!!

December schedule
so hectic.  Christmas cookies
might be Oreos.

Yearly they report
the Twelve Days of Christmas cost

Need to do laundry
"We're the ninety nine percent!"
Dirty socks do cry.

This weekend? Roadtrip
State High school choir audition
I'm just the roadie.

Keep falling asleep
It's a sign to turn it off.
Head-snap tomorrow.

I know I said twelve
but folks, it's Advent season.
You'll just have to wait.

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