Tuesday, November 01, 2005

NaNoWriMo Sha Na Na

Today marks the first day of NaNoWriMo.

That again was NaNoWriMo.

For those who worry that I've either lapsed into baby talk (which will NEVER happen), or I'm drunk (which, for better or worse at 9:20am is not the case), NaNoWriMo stands for

National Novel Writing Month.

Considering the abysmal job I've done over the past several months of managing to hit the "post" button with little more than a non-thinking meme, writing a novel is the last thing on my agenda. However, I'm going to use NaNoWriMo to get my fingers back in gear and get things back on track. It's not like I don't have a wealth of trivialities to share...I am a Tuna, afterall, and between TinyTuna, The TunaClan, TunaU, The Scottish Singing Tunas, a huge personal distraction called a summertime basement flood, the summertime tales of Beeeeeeaver Iiiiiiiiislaaaaaand, Fabio (both flat and fluffy), The Toddlers (Get Down, and Stop It Now!) a host of friends and acquaintances, and a Presidential Administration that must be on the payroll Comedy Central, I've got plenty of material.

Now if I would just have a sick student. See the time stamp? That's what time I started this entry. And now? It's 5:34 pm.

I've even missed time for Wapner. It must be time to go home.


Anonymous said...

1. Unbreakable :: Hearts
2. Have Mercy :: Amen
3. Do It Better :: Or Don't Do It At All
4. Settle Scores :: Add Up
5. Comments :: Criticisms
6. Craziest Thing :: Singing Fish?
7. Apple :: Pie!
8. Halloween :: Costume
9. Maneagable :: Doable
10. Trick :: Treats

hmm, no real thread this week either!

nk said...

you have the best ideas EVER!!!

i signed up to write a novel!

i'd ask if you wanna race, but that wouldn't be so cool. ;)

Kryianna said...

I've thought for the last 2 years that you are an amazing essay-ist--most of your blog entries are more like essays on life. You could very easily turn them into a wonderful book. Good luck on the NaNoWriMo; I'll be giving it a try this year as well.

Kat said...

I tried NaNoWriMo last year and failed miserably. Because I have a demanding Doodle, I'll have to wait til next year. Good luck!!! Share your progress with us!