Sunday, November 05, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think ::

1. Theft :: Robbery

2. Storage :: Never Enough

3. Pick :: A little, Talk A Little

4. Los Angeles :: California

5. The one :: The Chosen

6. Accent :: Twang

7. Rivalry :: Sports

8. Process :: Procedure

9. Streets :: Have no Name

10. Museum :: Smithsonian

Generally when I do these things the first answer that comes to my addled brain usually has something to do with a song. So for those of you who are going to be humming U2's Where the Streets have No Name, you're welcome, and for those of you who will be singing Pick A-Little, Talk A-Little from Music Man and blurting out BALZAC! in your best Hermione Gingold voice as if you had an advanced case of Tourette's Syndrome, I'm sorry.

Welcome to my World.


Anonymous said...

Nice mutterings. :) We have the same answers for #4 and 7.

Have a good day!

nlk said...

oh. i pegged pick-a-little, talk-a-little as the title of an satc episode.

now i wonder if there is some quirky reference to the music man and said episode.

pop culture overload?

Anonymous said...

Okay...giggling over BALZAC at 6:14 in the morning...thanks for the laugh!


Anonymous said...

1. Theft :: My stuff is gone!
2. Storage :: Why am I keeping this?
3. Pick :: a Winner
4. Los Angeles :: Big
5. The one :: True Ring!
6. Accent :: -tu-ate the positive!
7. Rivalry :: Competition
8. Process :: -ed cheese spread
9. Streets :: of Philadelphia
10. Museum :: Art

hmm, no real theme, though I did end up with two songs as well. And #5 does not reflect a total unabiding geekness, just my love of Hobbits.

the boy

Anonymous said...

I love how three of your most recent visitors are from Espoo, Finland, Untermembach, Germany, and Federal, Argentina!

One step closer to World Domination!

the boy