Friday, February 16, 2007

7th Grade Camp

A special TinyTuna report...

Where has Tiny Tuna been for the last four days? Spending time in Augusta, Michigan with friends, and boogieing till dawn! On Monday, the entire 7th grade went on a trip to Augusta to get away from school. The middle school world is a "sweet" one! After arriving, we got all instructions, and went to our cabins. They were very nice. They even had heated floors, and an indoor bathroom. (Dang! There's a twist!) All the counselors are very nice, and funny. Many of them are just beginners, but they are fun to be with. They plan many fun activities for us. Many of them include sledding, ice fishing, fire and team building, nature, and much more. The camp is only 3 days long, and the time goes by fast. On Tuesday, they had a mix-up lunch, where we could sit with anybody. (We usually sit with our cabin groups!) So, I took a chance and sat with boys. (Oh boy!) It ended up going into an interesting conversation. Then, the best day of camp (always) was Wednesday, our last full day at camp. They always have a celebration (dance) for us. It was a turning point in the world. Valentine's Day Dance, I called it. There were friends, music, dancing, and who could forget screaming? The best part were the "Snowballs", they are the latest thing now! The girls and boys go on separate sides, and two girls and boys start in the middle. The kids then pick people to dance with. Soon, it gets bigger and everybody is dancing. They are very fun, and romantic! (Hee hee hee!!) The best part was a secret. Let's just say, that I settled something very important. (Hee hee hee!!) The whole thing was a ball! I wish I could stay there for a little while longer. But, with all things, they must come to an end. Now, it is back to the old days. Regular people, but a very different perspective!

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