Monday, June 04, 2007

It's Been Lovely But I Have To Scream Now

I'm sitting here at work picking through random things waiting for the new computer fairy to come to town and leave me a present. It started early this afternoon with an entirely random email stating "It's time for a new computer" which was cool but at the same time....ugh.

Here begins the part where I actually DARE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT GETTING SOMETHING NEW.

At first the email throws me into a panic. New computer means take the old computer away. Take the old computer away means I better figure out what I need to remove from it first because you know, all that German Liederhosen pROn just isn't good for my image. So I start deleting things I either don't need or can easily download again later.

If I remember.
Which I won't.
Until I need the program.
And discover I don't have it

Weighing the pros and cons of my upcoming arrival:


1. No more fragmented hard drive
A huge "pro" because when I got my last new computer I kept asking why my hard drive was smaller than my older computer. Come to find out the new one they gave me had already been split into two hard drives, which in turn has proven to be an enormous pain because my C drive is crammed while my "M" drive (and WHY did they call it M?) has space.

2. DVD player and CD burner
'Nuff said there. And I had actually gone to the trouble of spelling out why I needed a DVD player (work reasons only here, peeps).

3. New monitor
Mine is ok. New one is bigger. And has a USB port on the side. Of the monitor! I know! No more crawling around on the floor trying to line up plug and port when you can't see either one.

1. Download, Download, Download
I'll have to do it all over again. How many times will I have to restart? My head hurts just thinking about it.

2. iTunes
When I got the original email I wrote the systems guy back and told him I had many "100% legally purchased songs" from iTunes. I'm hoping against all hope that my iPod doesn't lie and I can transfer the purchased music back onto the new computer. I worry, though. Apple and iTunes have a way of sticking it to the man. Or woman.

3. Making It Just Right
It seems so trivial but it takes forever. Not only do you have to go retrieve files, but then there is all the exterior computer decor. On my monitor alone I've removed 3 sticky-notes with various bits of work information, a number 2 TunaU pencil which was taped within an inch of its life to the top of the monitor and held my three origami Japanese peace cranes and my red button that says It's been lovely but I have to scream now. That may be my mantra for the next several days.

I wish I knew what was taking them so long, because I don't want to face this at 8am tomorrow morning. Sadly, though, I only have an hour to go.

This better be some new screaming machine.
Sure hope little dude can run fast.


lifeonhold said...

I need a Scream Machine too!

I need a new hard drive for my computer but don't dare get one for the reasons you cite so well.

Maybe you can get someone to re-shelve books while you get your new computer stocked up!

TVJ said...

If your IT guy is worth his salt, he can mirror your hard drive once you've deleted the things you absolutely don't need and re-image it to the new computer.

I know. It's a big "if".