Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Haiku-Year!

New Year's Tradition--
Haiku written to bring luck
or test counting skills.

Six-sided crystals
Nature whispers celebrate!
New Year's perfection.

The first sun sparkles,
dancing over snow-capped trees
pure unbridled joy.

Black-eyed peas for luck
Pork and mashed potatoes too.
My lucky tummy.

Time for new slogans:
It's two-thousand eight -- it's great!
Tony Tiger sighs.

It might sound like spam
but today brought eight-inches.
Snow. Not, well...you know.

Rooftops, signs, fenceposts,
trees all evenly covered.
Nature's Frosted Flakes.

A fresh, white blanket.
Endless possibilities.
Winter Etch-a-Sketch.

Beauty lives in words,
thoughts, dreams, and music. Many
thanks for indulging.

1 comment:

lifeonhold said...

Clear, beautiful gems!
I'd make a response haiku,
but the brain is fog.