Thursday, March 04, 2004

I get no real fringe benefits for my teaching gig. Being an adjunct faculty member, my fringes consist of a parking sticker, a paycheck at the end of the month and (hopefully) an invitation to return the following year. Today I got one of my most favorite CAPS LOCK, LEANED OVER kind of fringes: FREE MUSIC! I got a brand spanking new Instructor's Desk copy of "The Singing Book" published by W.W. Norton. It's a text book (with CD accompaniment -- double bonus points!) that one might use for a beginning singers. Of course, my personal account representative at Norton hopes I will select this book for in-class use next year. Hmmmmm....I might. Or I might not. But whether I do or whether I don't, I have another new score that's mine, mine, mine and Free, FREE, FREE!

Life is good...AND my last two students cancelled. I'm off to buy a lottery ticket and go home!
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