Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I knew it. I made it until 3pm until my student told me she was pulling out of her recital because she has other things which are a bigger priority at the moment. I understand her point of view, and believe it or not, I sympathize with students who are often pulled in twenty different directions at once. However, I made good and sure that she understood my point of view and how her decision impacted a boatload of people who had already invested time and energy into making her performance a success. She claimed she wasn't bailing. I asked her how exactly. She started to cry. I pointed to the Kleenex box and continued the discussion.

I can't stop her from canceling. I can't even say that she's making a bad decision. But this decision, good, bad or indifferent will have ramifications. It's all part of being a grown-up. And sometimes that is a tough thing.
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