Monday, April 18, 2005

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course

Over the weekend GramTuna and I dragged TinyTuna to OPENING DAY at the local plant emporium where we planned to meet up with BSTuna and drool over all things green. TinyTuna, already having enjoyed breakfast with the Grill Dogs, a three mile hike with the Church Aunts and a trip to the grocery store, had no idea this excursion was also on her agenda. Breaking the news to her went something like this:

GreenTuna: Get your shoes on! We're going to go out and about!

TinyTuna: Where?

We are going to meet BSTuna!

TinyTuna: Where??

It will be FUN!

TinyTuna: (Knowing she is in trouble because I STILL haven't answered her question) WHERE??

GreenTuna: GUESS!

TinyTuna: Sewing store.
GreenTuna: Nope.
TinyTuna: Spinning store.
GreenTuna: Nope.
TinyTuna: Bunny show.
GreenTuna: Nope.
TinyTuna: I don't know.
GreenTuna: Plant Store!
TinyTuna: AWW MOM!!!!!!!

But I promised her there would be treats at the plant store (which there were), and we wouldn't be there any more than an hour or so (which we weren't), because GramTuna had to get home. So, she got in the car (what else could she do?) and off we went.

Nowadays, local plant emporiums are about much more than plants. Keep in mind, I'm not talking a Home Depot kind of place, which isn't a plant emporium at all, but is more like a lawn mower and screwdriver emporium with a few greens strategically placed to make Our Lady of Concrete Warehouses look a little warmer and more inviting. No, what I'm talking about are the locally owned businesses who are not only well versed in the fifty-seven varieties of coleus, but also the statuary, bird feeders, walking tiles and other outdoor googahs designed to beautify your home and lighten your wallet.

When we arrived at said plant emporium, we met up with BSTuna and spent time looking at seeds and plants and other trinkets of the outdoors. And then TinyTuna saw this

and went ballistic. Taken from the Trail of Painted Ponies series, this particular horse, Skyrider, is derived from a Hopi Indian legend. TinyTuna was beside herself. She had to have it. I just nodded and said yes, it was pretty, and then I tried to oosh her on her way. It was tough because she just kept going back. It was so beautiful. The most beautiful thing she had ever seen blah de blah which one did I like the best? Once I finally got her interested in other trinkets and doodads, I lagged behind until I caught a worker bee. I gave her the old "follow me" head nod, and through clenched teeth I told her I wanted the horse but she needed to do it secretly and I'd follow in a minute and pay for it. She said no problem, and I went back to rejoin the gang.

After about five minutes it seemed as if we were ready to move outside and look at plants. I quietly told GramTuna I had "something to do" and for her to keep TinyTuna occupied for a few minutes. Gram said ok, and off I went to take care of TinyTuna's late birthday present. After paying for the horse and running it out to the car, I returned to the greenhouse to catch up with the group.


GreenTuna: I had to go to the bathroom.


It is?

TinyTuna: WHERE IS IT???

How should I know? I had to go to the bathroom.

TinyTuna: CONFESS!!!!!!!!

Confess what?

TinyTuna: CONFESS!!!!!!!!

(Trying not to laugh) Maybe somebody else saw it and bought it.

TinyTuna: CONFESS!!!!!!!!


TinyTuna: WITH A HORSE??????

At this point, we all burst into hysterics. But I wasn't going to back down, and of course, neither was she. Finally I gave her the mother-eye and said, "You know, If I DID get a horse and I wanted it to be a SURPRISE, I sure would be DISAPPOINTED if somebody tried to RUIN my special surprise.....

And off I went.

And up she shut.

And the next day she was surprised when she opened her present from Herman the Crab, and found a box for something totally different. Whether she forgot about the horse or just pretended, she remembered the importance of special surprises, and that's what really counted.


TV Junkie said...

What's so strange about going to the bathroom with a horse? (Can I have a pony, too?)

lifeonhold said...

And we all remember this one, "I've got to talk to a man about a horse."

Bozoette said...

Excellent! Good for TinyTuna for getting it.

mensch71 said...

You forgot to mention that TinyTuna is descended from the Marquis de Sade when it comes to extracting information from grownups. Confess!

buffyvol said...

That sho' nuff is a purty pony you got there! I want one!