Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Your caption here

...On your mark...get set....GO!

Hey! This is where the deer and the antelope play!

Only in Maryland.


Anonymous said...

Venus! You cow! Get back here and finish the set!

TVJ said...

Oh, give me a home ...

GreenTuna said...

Run, Forrest, Run!!!!

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lifeonhold said...

Howdy stole my caption!

GreenTuna said...

Howdy -- I think I read that in a fortune cookie last week. All I can add is, "IN BED" !!

Anonymous said...

Stand very still. But yell all you want. As you can see, Constantcraps fans are rampaging. Their sight may be based on movement, but their ears don't work.

bozoette said...

Ah, I love my state!!!

Anonymous said...

After Singswithbuttonchin's rendition of "This is how you remind me", Fans rush the stage. Chaos ensues. In other news, Pauler too high to notice.