Thursday, April 28, 2005


So, it is the URL ABC game, stolen from my pal, The Defective Yeti. No, I don't really know him, but that's never stopped me in the past.

These are my URL ABCs:
  • A is for - Am-er-UH-CUUUUUHHH!
  • B is for - Blogger. There's No Place Like Home
  • C is for - Survivor AND The Amazing Race. It's like a little patch of heaven on earth.
  • D is for - Seriously. That's was on top. No, really!
  • E is for Irish Examiner Newspaper - Well, this is embarassing. This particular story was about Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Paris Latsis. Paris. And Paris. Get it? Actually, I was just clicking through. Really!
  • F is for - Flickr! Fotos! Fun!
  • G is for - C'est Moi
  • H is for - I was ordering Compact Discs. I was working! Really!
  • I is for - American Idol. And Constanscream is gone. Really!
  • J is for - Oooo. Look how arty and farty I am. Now 30% less farty.
  • K is for - Konfabulator. Tweaky Widgety Toys for Your Computer.
  • L is for - National Geographic Pictures. And no, I don't have any idea why the URL for national geographic begins with the word "lava". But that's what is listed under "L" and as soon as I click on it turns into an unlava-like ANYWAY, Today's picture: Elephant!
  • M is for - News. Yawn.
  • N is for Newsday. This story was the great buffalo escape of 2005.
  • O is for - odonnel known as rosie has a blog but its clear that capital letters and punctuation are strictly optional and why did i never notice the title of her blog before? oops questionmark anyway i think my next blog will greentuna is all that and a bag of chips dot blogspot dot com wonder if its taken? oops
  • P is for - Public Board for News and Views. All opinionated. All the Time
  • Q is for Quirkily empty.
  • R is for - Resources and spoilers for Survivor Phoenix. Research Research Research
  • S is for - Stumble upon new websites. Not like I needed any help here.
  • T is for - TV Guide. Oh yeah.
  • U is for Unbelievably empty.
  • V is for - Village Photos. Where all my blog pictures live.
  • W is for - Widgets! For the Konfabulator! Fun! Fun! Fun!
  • X is for Xtremely empty.
  • Y is for - Though I never recall actually visiting here.
  • Z is for Zoinks! This is empty too!

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lifeonhold said...

Wow, Tuna. That's a lot of work, and thinking!