Monday, April 25, 2005

America, We Hurl As One

As spotted on News and Views (thanks, Cops!) I feel it is my DUTY to share the following piece of patriotic ... stuff ... full of inspirational words and music:

America, We Stand As One

As I was watching this traffic wreck of a music video, the first thing that caught my eye was the following disclaimer:
America We Stand As One and Dennis Madalone did not authorize or assist in the production,
creation, or concept behind alternative "spoof" videos of America We Stand As One.
After watching this train wreck, I STAMPEDED to see my boyfriend, and I whispered America We Stand As One Spoof in his ear, hoping for a big, big payoff.

I wasn't disappointed.

But before I bring you the spoof, which, I warn you now is full of not-appropriate for work type verbiage (unless you're a sailor), I thought I'd bring you some reviews of the aforementioned video from the Internets:

From MacAddict Forum
  • "Cut that hair, hippie!" (MustafaMond)
  • "Where can I get some of that flag water?" (Touque Guy)
  • "That's not true, is it? That can't be true. I refuse to believe that's true. It's a spoof. Please, tell me it's a spoof. Some bozo wouldn't pretend to be a dead fireman dancing with angels and American flags, would he?" (SchnickyShnack)
  • "Never before have I seen so many cliches culminated in one source." (Jax)
  • "Now I have to go poke my eyes out." (Mars Attacks)

From Praguetv/forum
  • "For the past fourteen years, Dennis Madalon was best known as stunt coordinator on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space 9. "Not only his physical prowess but also his charisma landed him appearances on Regis and Kathy Lee".... I think he landed on his head one too many times working a stunt coordinator. (Colin the angry young man)
  • "Is it just me, or is the resemblance to Weird Al Yankovic sort of eerie?" (ck1)

From: Stereogum
  • "Sincere posturing, outstretched arms, curly mullet, ripped jeans, cameltoe, pained close-ups, profile silhouette, blustery wind, fist-pumping, united-front lineup, rushing ocean waters... Wow! This video is like, ALL the 80s video cliches rolled into one." (Avatar)
  • "Three letters: W. T. F." (Isaac B2)
So, without further adieu, I bring you, THE SPOOF.

But wait, there's more. Oh yes, there is more. Not more patriotic grandstanding, because really, how much can anyone take on a Monday morning?

Behold, I bring you, The Apache Dance.

Oh Internets, I love you so.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely hysterical. I tinkled just a bit as I roared with laughter.

WTF? The drummer scares me most - nice mullet. I swear one of those dancers is Paula Abdul pre-plane-crash.


TV Junkie said...

The Spoof is fantastic! America! F*** Yeah! I couldn't get the Apache Dance to work, I'll try again later. And how creepy is the scene were that guy is standing behind the woman at the cemetary. What the hell is that? Freak.

Gary said...

Um, okay. I'm not really sure why the spoofs were even necessary really. When you have achieved self-parody, the rest are merely imitators.

Actually, the original seems rather irreverent and disrespectful in my opinion, based on its questionable, uh, "quality"...

buffyvol said...

Oh! I KNOW that MoFo DID NOT rip off Magnolia High School's Class of '86's rip off of The Sugar Hill Gang's Apache, where we danced and sang to the pilgrams as they came ashore, during our Thankgiving play. What's next? A rip off of Neil Diamonds "Comin' to America", sung by the Pilgrams?

Lora said...

I don't know which one was worst.

Mrs. Wonderful said...

Wow. I have to leave in the middle of the America video to hurl.

And ahem, he must have learned his diction at the knee of Robert Plant. It's Ah-MER-I-Ka. Not Uh-MARE-Uh-kuh-uh.

I take umbrage with that.

Anonymous said...

words don't even begin to describe the sick feeling in my stomach watching that train wreck.

the spoof - very funny, very funny

Apache dance - reminded of the video for afternoon delight from "anchorman" dvd. nice mullet(s)

Julie's brother