Friday, April 22, 2005

Reality Update

Good grief. It's been a month since I've last reported on the Survivor Fantasy League.

Over the past few weeks, Cops has made an amazing surge, displacing Honeylife and Hershey Bears. The rest of us have remained static, which (if you're me) is a good thing. Still in all, it just takes one week to really screw you up, so I'm proceeding with caution over the remaining weeks.

I had a big chuckle over the trivia bonus points this week. There are three questions worth 20, 40 and 60 points, respectively, and, according to CBS, each gets progressively harder. This week's 60 point mind blowing question?

When Janu was cast away to an uninhabited island, did she eventually start a fire?

A yes or no question is the hardest thing they could come up with? It seems there is a Survivor trivia writer out there who needs to lay down their torch.

1. As long as Romber loses, I'm happy.
2. This just in: Rupert won't be on Amazing Race 8.
I dunno. If I had to suffer through an entire season of Romber, somebody should have to suffer through an entire series of The Rupert Bunch.

I've got dibs on Tana. Never mess with a Mary Kay rep.

Already the BB wheels have started to turn. Word has it that the game will start earlier than previous years (I've seen a house entry date of June 24th with the first episode on June 28th) and end a bit later (I've seen October 2nd). I've also read of an increased number of players (up to 20) which should prove interesting, if not a little confusing. We'll see...


Jubileee said...

Oh happy day! GreenTuna you fill me with joy. What is that you say? Big Brother may start on June 28th? Why is this good for me? June 28th is my last official day of teaching...then it's summer vacation. Or, as we say at the Jubileee castle, it's Big Brother time! *rubs hands in glee*

TVJ said...

Wow! Keeping Janu on your team was GENIUS! She didn't even lose points for being voted off .. BECAUSE SHE QUIT! Amazing.

GreenTuna said...

WEIRD. Once again the points have totally changed since 7:00 AM. Not that I'm complaining, because it helped me, but I wish somebody would make up their freaking minds!

Anonymous said...

Pffttt! As Cops said in chat, once you get behind on points, you're not moving up unless someone dies. Pfft! I hate Fantasy League! (Yes, I dumped Janu on thursday afternoon, why do you ask?)