Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brand Loyalty

Look and see what Williams Sonoma wants me to buy TODAY!!!
A Monogrammed Steak Brand!

If the backyard grill is Dad's territory, give him a gift he'll use year after year. Our Monogrammed Steak Brand, which can be personalized with his initials, lets him customize steaks and other grill specialties. A customer favorite, the wrought-iron brand has become a Father's Day tradition at Williams-Sonoma.

I don't understand why I seem to have such gaping holes in my education. I know I grew up in suburbia and all, but tell me, since when is monogramming ones meal a tradition? Is there an extra verse in Fiddler on the Roof that I don't know? If my steak isn't mooing or playing with the deer and the antelope, I'm not really clear on why I have to put my initials on it like it was underwear being sent to summer camp.

(Not that I ever did that either, but you understand my point)

Maybe I don't get it because it's a manly man thing and only manly men understand the importance of personalizing dinner. Maybe it's the opportunity to play poor-man's cowboy, because let's face it ... branding an inert 16-oz sirloin is a lot easier than branding an angry angus.

I'll have to file this email right next to the Sandcastle Bundt Cake Pan.
Thanks, but no.


Anonymous said...

When serving angel hair pasta at my dinner parties, I carefully lay the noodles on the plate in the shape of my ass. My friends just LOVE it.



Travestine said...

Umm ... is it bad that the first thing I thought was "Hey, great present for my dad - do they sell them in Vancouver?" *blush*

buffyvol said...

That kind of makes me think of a name tag on the steak that says,"Hi. I'm Bunny and I will be your dinner tonight." That would so put me off my feed. I don't want to have to introduce myself before I dig in.

Gary said...

I think the idea is ridiculous of course, but then I'm thinking back to dinners with the family when my brothers would eat everything before you could get to it. Of course, this would just turn them into steak rustlers. Bring on the posse!! We're goin' after 'em!

Andy said...

From a single guy that obsessivly cooks his own steak dinner once a week:

Way cool