Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Feast

shhhhhhhh!! Don't tell anyone, but I'm doing Friday's Feast before Friday......

Appetizer: Whose Intelligence do you find most intimidating?
Nothing beats the intelligence of TinyTuna. Partially wise beyond her years, partially contradictory and inconceivable (I do not think that word means what you think it means). I don't know that I'd call it intimidating, but I am in absolute awe that she manages to speak with equal parts innocence, conviction and bullshit.

Soup: Name something you've done that surprised yourself
Just admitted to the entire world that my child speaks with equal parts innocence, conviction and bullshit.

Salad: Name three people whom you've only met "online" but consider good friends.
When I was little, I used to watch Romper Room all the time. At the end of the show the Romper Room lady would look into her hand mirror and say, "I see Janie and Susan and Bobby and Lucy...." and she NEVER SAID MY NAME. I didn't understand. Couldn't she see me? I watched her dumb show all the time. I would even yell my name at the TV in hopes that she would say my name. Sometimes I yelled so loud, I thought someone might call the cops. Anyway. I'm not naming names on the grounds that I refuse to be a mean old Romper Room Lady. So, the answer (if I've never met you before) is: two other people...and...YOU!

Main Course: Where is the dirtiest place you've ever been?
That would have to be either
1. The "back room" of the video store with my little brother reading video titles out loud and laughing so hard we were crying, or...
2. My bathroom.

Dessert: What is the best example of "perfection" that you can think of?
A sunny day with a light breeze. 82 degrees with low humidity. Lunch at Bubbas. Ferry Ride to Ocracoke. Spying dolphins from the ferry and avoiding seagull-bombs from the sky. Dinner at Howard's Pub. Ghost walk at dark. Starlit ferry ride back home. Just another typical day on the Outer Banks.


TV Junkie said...

Those are hard questions! I wouldn't want to Cop out on leaving a comment, tho. And, since I'm dieting, I'll just have a Tuna salad, and skip the rest of the meal.

Anonymous said...

I do believe someone's getting a Hatteras "jones"....
Patience, patience, patience.....