Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Feast

It's Friday! It's Feastday! It's Friday's Feast!

Appetizer: Name a store or restaurant you no longer visit because of a bad experience you had there.
It could be the Alzheimers talking, but I cannot think of an establishment that I have given up cold turkey. Instead I will relate a small tale of another customer who attempted such a feat.

Back in the olden days of the movie theatre biz, a big big big film release would mean a film would be shown on TWO WHOLE SCREENS, as opposed to a fifty-seven screen opening for an Aston Kutcher masterpiece. This meant films sold out, and sold out often.

One lovely weekend afternoon we were showing a Disney cartoon, and as a surprise to nobody, it sold out. As the time approached for the film to start, a woman dragging her tot came up to the box office (located inside a mall) and asked for tickets. I told her the film had sold out and she went insane at a very high decibel. She screamed at me and threatened me. What was I going to do, nail a couple of extra seats to the floor? I kept saying I was sorry, but she was having none of that. Her parting blow was to shout that she was never, NEVER, NEVER (CAPS LOCK and the whole deal) coming back again.

What she really meant was she was never, NEVER NEVER (CAPS LOCK and the whole deal) coming back again until two weeks later. When she came back. Again. And got her tickets. And saw the movie. Ahem.

Soup: If You Could Own Any Building in Existence, Which One Would You Want?
First thought was the Taj Mahal. But then I thought, "Nah. Who wants everybody tromping all over the place?" My second thought was The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. But then I thought, "I'd love the art, but after awhile, I would have seen them all." My last thought was

The Sidney Opera House. It's Australia, it's on the water, it's music, dance or theatre every night, and I could have friends over!

Salad: What is Your Favorite Commercial These Days?
Sad to say, commercials are a bit bleah these days. Now that the sad guitar strummin' burger hawkin' purple-fringed Hootie appears to be a thing of the past, I continue to pine for the weirdest of weirds: The Quizno commercials. With those...things.

Main Course: When Was the Last Time You Felt Guilty About Spending Money, and What Was It You Purchased?
The key to successful money-spending is to have your rationalizations all lined up nice and neatly in a row. Because who can feel guilty about buying books? It's educational. And stuff.

Dessert: Friday's Feast is Going To Be Having It's First Birthday in 2 Weeks. What should we Do to celebrate?
Go to a movie.
Sing an opera.
Take Hootie to lunch
(On the moon)
Buy me a book.


Gary said...

Tuna, I will definitely come visit you in your new "house".

TV Junkie said...

Me Too! I wanna come stay at Tunas!

Cheryl said...

If it's wierd you're after, check this out: