Saturday, May 14, 2005

Supersize Me

Today I did the unimaginable:
  • I cleaned my bathroom (badly needed)
  • I bought myself clothes (badly needed)
  • I bought myself shoes (not quite so badly needed)
  • I bought myself a new purse (badly rationalized) which might actually qualify as "cute" though I would hardly be a good judge.
But it's time for a reality check, people.

It's high time that the clothing industry took the plunge and sold women's clothes accord to size. Actual size. Actual size as in inches size.

Yes, on the outset, it would suck greatly. There would be untold "tag shock" as women had to face the Fats of Life. This drastic change in the garment industry would have to be handled delicately. Most likely it would require a Priest or therapist administering free Kleenex, chocolate and/or alcohol.

But you know what? I'd get over it. The bad news of the inches would be rewarded by all the hours saved not having to Indiana Jones every pair of pants trying to decode the ambiguous "Size 12" which, more often than not, is anything BUT a Size 12.

And these rules go for shoes too. Today I bought two pairs of shoes. One was a 9 1/2 and one was an 11-wide. 11-Wide! How did THAT happen?? Did my feet swell that much as I turned the corner from cute Capezios to Ronald McDonald footwear?

It's time for change. Forget Social Security and The Nuclear Option. We need to focus on issues of real importance. I'm going to put on my brand new shoes and kick some butt.


Mensch71 said...

What others might fail to grasp here is... in the entire time I've known you (close to a decade now), I don't actually recall you buying a purse. You always have one, but they seem to arrive sans fanfare. Snaps, sistah.

Anonymous said...

If the industry united and tagged the same size by inches, we wouldn't have to meander through all the racks of clothing - potentially buying more than we'd intended. Besides, they'd lose that $50 smaller-sized-tagged-but-it's-really-two-sizes-larger-than-normal surcharge which the "designers" love.

Sadly, it'll never happen.

Anonymous said...

Oops - forgot to sign my comment...

Anonymous said...

Being the Tuna with Fred Flintstone feet (yep, brick shaped), welcome to my world of WIDE!!!

bozoette said...

For some strange reason, I really like those shoes...

Anonymous said...

Cute purse! (and you know I love a good purse!)

I bought shoes this weekend too- snagged a pair of Keds mules for $5.99! Regular 38.00! Got another pair of the most comfortable black shoes I've ever put on my feet-Keds- for 11.99.

I feel you on the clothes sizes. This is especially frustrating when trying to buy for Kourtney- and I have to make her try on everything- because her 'size' at Target is different than her size at say, Walmart.