Friday, November 18, 2005

Tuna Complex

Yesterday TinyTuna and an entire bus load of sixth graders went on a field trip to participate in a "Mission to Mars" program. The kids were divided into two groups. While one group would be in the simulator traveling to Mars, the other group would be in Mission Control. When they finished the mission, each group would switch, ensuring that all the kids got a chance to do each part.

Before the field trip the kids were given their job assignments, and TinyTuna was over-the-moon excited that she was chosen to be a Communication Specialist. When she got home last night I asked her about her field trip and what exactly the job of "Communication Specialist" entailed.

"It was the BEST (CAPS LOCK, LEANED OVER!) job in the whole mission!" she exclaimed.

"Why is that?" I asked.

In her most dramatic, excited wide-eyed voice, she said, "Because I got to speak in a microphone, and everybody had to be quiet and listen to me and DO WHAT I SAID!"


Something tells me her interpretation of her Mission to Mars assignment was a lot less of this:

And a LOT more of that:

Why am I not surprised?

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