Sunday, November 20, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

Sunday morning, early church going muttering.

I say ... and you snore THINK:

1. Heads up ... Pay attention

2. Kicker ... Punchline

3. Aggressive ... Hostile

4. Getting Ugly ... Things are

5. To be continued ... Ha! You have to come back later

6. Twist ... Plot turn

7. Form ... Shape

8. On the road ... Traveling

9. Import ... Bring In

10. Flowers ... Pretty

No much to add to this one. Early church rehearsal, without which -- musically speaking -- things could get ugly. I have to get on the road early in order to purchase a large vat of icy cold fizzy brown diet goodness, without which -- GreenTunaistically speaking -- things could get ugly. How will it go today? I have no idea. This story is to be continued.

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