Sunday, November 06, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. Deeper and Deeper :: Into debt

2. Can't Help :: Lovin' that man of mine

3. Devil's Advocate :: Really, really creepy movie

4. Superpower :: Not US

5. Threatening :: Bully

6. Played :: Fiddle

7. War :: Conflict

8. Violate :: Destroy

9. Invest :: Set Money Aside For

10. Choke :: Fail

Disparate items? I think not. This meme prompted me to do two things: First I had to go to IMDB and make sure I was thinking of the right movie for Devil's Advocate. I was. Oh, that was a really creepy movie. I don't really care for Keanu Reeves, but yowza, Al Pacino was amazing. The second thing I did was visit my boyfriend's picture album and look for a historical graphic to accompany number 6. I typed 'Nero Fiddle' in the search box. The overwhelming result for my search was this:

Oh Internets, how I love you. Have a pretzel.
Mutter along HERE.


TV Junkie said...

1. Deeper and Deeper :: You are getting very sleepy

2. Can't Help :: it

3. Devil's Advocate :: Keanu Reeves

4. Superpower :: USA (I do also think of SuperMan, though. XRay vision is cool)

5. Threatening :: Lawsuit

6. Played :: Fooled

7. War :: Soldier

8. Violate :: Break

9. Invest :: Can't afford to

10. Choke :: Screw up

I actually LOVE the movie Devil's Advocate. It's probably one of only 3 or so movies I can even stand Keanu Reeves in. Plus .. it has Delroy Lindo, who I love love love. And Al Pacino's big speech about how corrupt man is and how you cannot deny that the 20th century has belonged to HIM. Mwaahahahaha.

I know what I'm watching today!

Anonymous said...

1. Deeper and Deeper :: Into the Ring of Fire
2. Can't Help :: Falling In Love With You
3. Devil's Advocate :: Man in Black?
4. Superpower :: Activate!
5. Threatening :: Ominous
6. Played :: Grand Ole Opry
7. War :: of the Worlds
8. Violate :: Impinge
9. Invest :: Stocks
10. Choke :: Gasp

well seems like a Johnny Cash infusion in this week's efforts.
and I like the orange cream Kit Kats!