Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Let Sleeping Fuzz Lie

Away in a bucket, no crib for a bed,
The little boy panda laid down his sweet head.
A small soccer ball was placed down where he lay,
The little boy panda just sleeps all the day.

Travels With Tuna -- Day Two (Short Version)

Morning spent at National Zoo. Head count included:

Two lions -- sleeping.
One tiger -- sleeping.
One prairie dog town -- sleeping (we assume) underground.
One capybara -- sleeping.
One giraffe -- eating.
Two elephants outside -- shifting
Two elephants inside -- eating
An unconfirmed rumor of a hippopotamus eating a banana
One head of one adult panda eating bamboo.
One zebra -- zebraing.
One small horse thing with more consonants in its name than vowels -- standing
One gorilla -- sitting
One smaller reddish monkey -- examining his knee
One baby panda -- sleeping.
Tuna Clan -- watching one baby panda -- sleeping.

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Curious Servant said...

Interesting little ditty.