Sunday, December 11, 2005

Of Lions and Lambs

Last weekend I orchestrated a summit with the Axis of Evil. For those of you who may not know, the Axis of Evil consists of:

Gabby, The diabolically cute

Her sibling formerly thought to be her brother Milo,
now known as her evil sister and partner in crime, Mila.


Fabio the Fluffy

not to be confused with

Fabio the Flat (which is another story entirely)

I brought Fabio upstairs because I wanted him to get to know the kittens. Some people believe cats and rabbits should never interact because cats will chew off the bunny faces and then grind their bones to make their bread. And since I really didn't want any stray bunny faces laying around my house, I decided they should start getting together on occasion, just to say howdy.

(Plus, I thought the whole thing would be funny. Which it was)

I chose last weekend because Fabio was at his fluffiest and looked more like an enormous hopping hairy ottoman than a bunny. I figured with Fabio at his biggest and the kittens still rather small and kittenish, he'd have an easier chance to save face, so to speak.

When I brought him upstairs, he had one thing on his mind. Hopping. So he went here and there, hopping and hopping and hopping, and then he'd turn around and start hopping and hopping and hopping in the other direction. And if the kittens were in the way? Too bad. He was in no mood to yield.

Mila was scared to death.

Gabby, the only slightly braver, stared at the enormous
kitten-eating monster from a safe distance

and wondered who on earth allowed this THING to occupy HER space.

As for Fabio, he couldn't have cared less about either of them. He spent his time hopping and sniffing and sniffing and hopping. Maybe the lion didn't exactly lie down with the lamb, but at least he kept his face. And that was good enough for me.


nlk said...

they are all sooooooooooooo cute!!!

Kat said...

The cute and fuzziness! I want to squeeze them all!

Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

That Fabio - he's got the crazy eyes. (erm, both of them, I guess.)

Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

Um, this from your AdSense links. *shudder*


lifeonhold said...

Hahaha, funny. Gabby is actually leaninging away from Fabio. Great shots.

My pics would be of my Honey cowering under the bed while crying her little 'pity me' cry.

You've got brave cats.