Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beautiful, Beautiful Yellow

I swore that my room was going to be painted by the end of this weekend. By a bit of luck and a bucket full of stubborn determination, my "failure is not an option" attitude won out and I'm now sitting in a freshly painted bedroom. It's about halfway put back together, which is no small miracle considering the adventures I went through with the new bed frame and the missing hardware. I have some new kick-ass window treatments, courtesy of the misfortunes of Linens 'n Liquidations 'n Things. I even got the employee to dismantle some displays to get me some hardware I wanted.

So, it will be a few more days arranging and rearranging furniture and getting things back in order. For now, I'm happy not to be spending another night on the couch, and I'm looking forward to putting this project in the "done" column.

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