Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It appears Campaign 2008 is finally over. Although they called a winner at 11pm Eastern time, I keep waiting for someone to cut in and say, "Oh wait...we can't call the result yet." Even though McCain has already given a concession speech -- the most gracious words and heartfelt words I have heard him speak in many months -- I am still afraid the results won't hold.

I'm afraid.

This is what the last eight years have done. Turned us into a culture of distrust and fear. Distrust allowed us to be confused and unfocused, and then fear paralyzed us and denied us the opportunity to think and do for ourselves.

I think we may be breaking free. Our country made a bold choice and said loudly that it wants to move and think and feel again. But at the same time, I am well aware that there are thousands upon thousands of people tonight who aren't celebrating. Their candidate lost and they are afraid.

Tonight many people are excited for tomorrow. They are ready to move and do and act. They are ready to turn hope into action for the betterment of themselves, their communities and their country. What better time to stop and reach out a hand to those who are afraid and find a common voice and a common goal. Really we all have so much more in common than not. We'll be stronger if we work together.

If your candidate won tonight, then celebrate.
If your candidate lost tonight, don't be afraid.
Let's all roll up our sleeves and do the good work that needs to be done.

Yes We Can!

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