Friday, November 07, 2008

Riding the Bullet Train

  • I now have clean plates. I'm still short on silverware, but if I got up and left you all hanging for 15 minutes, I'd have a full complement of forks, knives and spoons.

  • Why is it when you run out of plates you run out of everything else too? This applies to socks, toilet paper, toothpaste and patience. Conspiracy theory, anybody?

  • Survivor finally got interesting last night. America's Next Top Model has been rather boring this entire cycle. And I hate to say it, but Amazing Race -- a show I LOVE -- has been less than riveting as well. Don't get me started on Heroes. I don't think I understand anything about this show anymore. I fully expect the weird Hawaiian Island Polar Bear to show up at any moment.

  • No more political commercials and no more robocalls. Life is very, very good. However, I'm still not planning on answering my phone if the incoming call doesn't pass my caller ID test. I'm happy, not stupid.

  • Opportunities for leaf scuffling are growing thin. This week was perfect for mid-afternoon scuffling. It's supposed to rain this weekend, though, which totally ruins the scuffling experience. Wet leaves don't scuffle. They wilt like soggy corn flakes, and then they stick to your shoes. Yuck.

  • Tomorrow is the last home game of the football season here at TunaU. Can I say THANK GOD? I think you're either born with the whole football tailgating gene or not, and I was definitely reading a book, or sleeping, or cleaning out the lint trap when the love of the tailgate was passed out. If I wanted to eat out of my trunk, I'd just set up shop in the grocery store parking lot every Saturday.

  • South Park continues to amaze me for their ability to take current events and put huge chunks of actual quotes in an episode less than 48 hours later. If you missed it, the entire 2008 Election ended up being an "Ocean's Eleven" ripoff, which was priceless. The Simpson's Halloween show was quite spectacular this year as well. I especially loved the whole Charlie Brown Halloween sendoff.

  • Do you think it would be possible for South Park and The Simpons to go to The Cartoon Network and beat up all the animated crap they show on TV? I think the Fairly Odd Parents and all those other unbelievably inferior cartoons would be in a world of hurt. It would be a public service.

  • Friday is nearly officially over. I'm way tired (there's something not new at all), and Fiddle-Dee-Dee, tomorrow is another day. With God as my witness, I'll see you all back here tomorrow.

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