Friday, November 14, 2008

En Garde!

You are a foil fencer.

Foil is a weapon of calculation and passion. You glide easily between attack and defense. You can flick to the back or thrust to the chest.
What Kind of Fencer Are You?
What Kind Of Fencer Are You?

Well, there you go. A foil fencer? Maybe so. I am pretty lethal with a roll of Reynolds Wrap. Actually I am not a fencer at all, but apparently since 3pm today, my child is. Actually, I think the whole thing is pretty cool. It's part athletics, part theatre, part historical ritual, part French, part dance and part plain-old-living-over-the-top, which sums up TeenTuna quite nicely. She's easily the first one in my extended family who has participated in this particular activity. I have to imagine this will prompt a story or two.

Now to figure out where the fencing supply store is...

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