Saturday, November 15, 2008

With a Chip Chip Here

Tonight was another exciting evening of chipping paint. It seems like it has been going on forever, and even a friend asked, "STILL?" when I told her my Saturday night plans. Yes, still. As it stands now, it's three walls done with one wall to go.

What continues to surprise me is when you compare the chipped wall to the unchipped wall, it becomes so clear just how ugly and dingy the present wall color is. I'm at a loss to explain the color, except to say it seems to be some sort of off-dingy drab. I don't think it was ever white. And it wasn't beige. Compared to the white plaster beneath it really looks like a dirty gray. Maybe the actual paint color would be something like Mid November Dawn Experiencing A Stalled Low Front with 85% chance of rain and sleet and 100% humidity. It's really just ugh.

I've lived with these walls for a long time and never realized just how bad they were. The more I chip away at the old, the more excited I become for new, fresh and clean color. With my closet already painted this warm very ligth pale yellow, I have a little hint and a promise of what is to come. And on this Mid November Evening Experiencing a Stalled Low Front with 85% chance of rain and sleet and 100% humidity, all I can say is, I cannot wait.

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