Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Gonna Herff

There are days when it's hard to think of things to say.  Maybe the day was dull, or I just don't feel like I have anything new to say.  There are days when I don't think my insight into life is any keener than the next blog down the street, and I retreat into a less noisy corner of the internet.

But today.  OH LORD.  It writes itself.  Today's graduation horror: The cap and gown racket.  And believe me, after all the screaming I did when I saw the ordering BOOK, there was a racket.  So, here were my choices. I passed on everything except that text in green.

1. Graduation announcements
2. Announcement inserts
3. Return address labels
4. Class envelope seals
5. Senior photo stickers
6. Graduate namecards
7. Photo Invite package
8. Premium Thank you notes
9. Traditional Thank you notes
10. Graduation Celebration Cards
11. (more) Return address labels
12. (more) Class envelope seals
13. Personalized stationary
14. (more more) Return address labels
15. (more more) Class envelope seals
16. Premium memories album
17. Senior Year memory album
18. Memories Memory album (I kid you not)
19. Memory album sticker sheet
20. Personalized class emblem
21. (more) Photo invite package
22. Premium thank-you gift.
23. (more) Personalized class emblem
24. (more more more) Class envelope seals
25. Friends for life photo album
26. Graduation pen
27. Graduate namecard photo album
28. Graduate portfolio
29. (more) Senior photo stickers
30. Diploma signature frame
31. Traditional Class jewelry - Pendant only
32. Traditional Class jewelry - Pendant with 18" chain
33. Traditional Class jewelry - Pendant with 24" chain
34. Swirl necklace
35. Senior tag bracelet
36. Senior dog tag necklace
37. Heart necklace
38. Senior t-shirt
39. Senior hoodie
40. Cap, Gown and Tassel Unit
41. Memory Tassel
42. Mega tassel
43. Mini tassel
44. Ice tassel (memory)

I know I speak for my weary arm and wallet when I tell you I feel downright lucky that we're dodging this bullet for approximately $50.  Yes, lucky.  Package "deals" start around $165, and skyrocket quickly.  But just remember, the packages that cost $298 (no joke) include a cap and gown FOR FREE.  In other words, that's $298 worth of other trinkets that will get tossed in a drawer 3 days after graduations.

Oh.  And you may have noticed, the laundry list above did NOT include class rings. That's a separate scam player in the graduation game.  Lord have mercy, what's next?

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