Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Letters from the Editor

Dear Beans:
This is not the poem I learned.

Dear Creative Design Team:
This piece is a cautionary tale for using
a clear and unambiguous font.  
Intellectually, I KNOW the saying is 
and your little dog too,
but this does NOT look like the word "little"
What on earth is a "tittie" dog?

Dear Canada -- I know I tease you a lot, but you can't blame this on me.
I'm sorry the Canadian Santa has a drunk nose and
is currently steering the sleigh off a steep cliff.
Maybe once we get past the spring thaw, super-cool
Australian Surfing Santa dude can come rescue you.

Dear Google -- I wish you put up doodles more often, even
when they are celebrating people and events from other countries.
The doodles are super creative, and who knows...
maybe someone will learn something.

Dear Twitter:  I love you.
Michele Bachmann just referred to the founder of Apple as "Steve Gates". 
She is a dumb stupid person who's an idiot.

if you missed , impress people tomorrow with these facts from the stage: 
Africa is a country and Steve Gates founded Apple

Steve Gates, the founder of Applesoft. I can not wait for the iZune.
Dear Tuna readers
It was a very long day.
Oops. It's tomorrow.


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