Thursday, August 26, 2004

Current Events

I don't know what it is about incoming Freshman guppies, but it seems with every move-in day we seem to get horrific weather. Late yesterday afternoon, a tornado visited a high school in the next county and relocated the roof from on top of the building to the football field. Amazingly, nobody was hurt, despite the fact that people were in the building for orientation. While there was considerable 10-year old tornado angst at Casa de Tuna, we only had bizarre black rolling clouds and a good long rain.

Meanwhile, in the great Midwest, if it's not Cicadas (gee, remember them?) then it's Corpulent Spiders. Bizarro fact from this article? No one is ever more than three feet away from a spider. Sorta makes you want to watch where you step, eh?

Awww. Someone really DOES love the poor Cleveland Indians. A squirrel spent an evening at the ballpark, darting in and around players, and was clearly the favorite among the fans. Play was held up a couple times, but everyone took it in stride, as the Indians even superimposed a picture of the squirrel wearing a Cleveland Indians jersey.

Lastly, but never leastly, you can safely fire up your copy of Jib-Jab's political parody, "This Land." Sued for apparent copyright violation, Jib-Jab's lawyers discovered the Woody Guthrie classic now lives in the safe haven of public domain and the lawsuit was dropped. Being the cool guys that they are, Jib-Jab plans to donate 20% of its proceeds to the Woody Guthrie foundation. Finally, this song was made for you and me.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you nor the squirrel were hurt!


Kat said...

Props to the Indians. The squirrel also broke our 9-game losing streak.

I'm also surprised you didn't take the opportunity to mention that we have a player named Coco Crisp. That's a comedy goldmine, baby!

Kryianna said...

Go squirrel!

Coco Crisp is funny, but the comedy was better when Milton Bradley was playing for the Indians at the same time.