Saturday, June 04, 2005

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

For your consideration:

A young man and his girlfriend were walking in the grocery store. She was on his right, and his arm was around her as they shopped. Since it was a warm summer day, the young man was wearing a t-shirt with well-known slogan....

Daily Haiku -- Saturday Silliness
Only humorous and ridiculous haiku need apply
for publication on Saturdays!

"I'm with Stupid" Shirt
Arrow Points Left to...........No One!
Stupid Lost? I found.


mensch71 said...

I know! I know! The young man was wearing the shirt which he received as a graduation gift from the EL public schools as part of their "self esteem improvement project".

Clearly, the fashion show at Meijer has improved. Last time I shopped, some of the patrons weren't wearing shirts.

lifeonhold said...

Hahahaha! Great one, Tuna! That, with the story, has depths of humor.