Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

I say...and you think

1. Wally:: Gator
2. Phantom:: Of the Opera
3. Slippery:: When Wet
4. Fungus:: Mold
5. Slot:: Coin
6. Type:: Kind
7. Discharge:: Let Go
8. "We need to talk" :: Uh oh
9. On the spot:: Exactly
10. Liquid:: Wet

I'm not explaining them because I'm on vacation. Unfortunately, I'll probably be singing "Wally Gator is the swinging alligator in the Swamp...." song for the next two days. Damn you, old Hannah-Barbera cartoons!!

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TV Junkie said...

I haven't done one of these in awhile:
Wally:: Webber
Phantom:: of the Opera (or Paradise)
Slippery:: Slope
Fungus:: Among-us
Slot:: Machine
Type:: A
Discharge:: Military
"We need to talk":: Pink Slip
On the spot:: in trouble
Liquid:: Generation

Anonymous said...

It's Hanna Barbera, but since you are one of the few I know who can spell Barbara correctly (no thanks to Barbra Streisand...boohiss), you are fully excused! We Barbaras appreciate it! (Since an important member of the Tuna clan has that name, you know it well!) Call soon!

Anonymous said...

1. Wally:: World
2. Phantom:: Menace
3. Slippery:: Bananas!
4. Fungus:: A-mungus
5. Slot:: Tab
6. Type:: Writer
7. Discharge:: Honorable
8. "We need to talk" :: Means I'm going to talk and you're going to listen.
9. On the spot:: dog collar
10. Liquid:: courage


Anonymous said...

Could be worse - "Go Go Gophers Watch 'em Go Go Go....."